Everyone loves chocolate even if it’s not really healthy for an individual. Dark chocolate is not for everyone, but it can be used as a remedy for many diseases. Here are some important facts for dark chocolate and its uses:

It can make you slimmer

Dark chocolate can slim you down without a diet! Before going to bed, drink a cup of hot (dark) chocolate to improve the brain’s abilities and blood circulation. This way you will reduce weight and your intellectual abilities.

It makes you look younger

The rich antioxidant components of dark chocolate can fight against the drastic cell damage caused by contaminants and the aging process. You will be rejuvenated and look fresher.

Dark chocolate is great for the heart

This tasty chocolate can control the blood pressure and improve the blood circulation, effectively reducing the chances of blood clots. Eat dark chocolate four times a week to make your body stronger.

Dark chocolate improves the mood

Yes, you can cure the blues with dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate makes you calmer and more focused. Whenever you feel depressed or stressed, eat a few bars to improve your mood.

Contains essential vitamins

Dark chocolate contains essential vitamins and minerals which can improve your overall health. It contains potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper, which can treat many diseases anemia, diabetes and can control the blood pressure and prevent heart strokes as well.

Reduces cholesterol

Regular consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. It can also repair any damages to the blood vessels and arteries.

Dark chocolate soothes cough

Drink a cup of hot dark chocolate to soothe the cold and cough. This has a warming effect similar to codeine. To make it more appetizing, add some milk, crushed almonds or cinnamon.

Controls blood pressure

We already mentioned that dark chocolate controls blood pressure. This is due to the flavonoids, which can relax the blood vessels and keep the blood pressure in check.

Reduces stress

The high amounts of minerals, magnesium in particular, help dark chocolate reduce stress and improve mood.

Great for the skin

The flavonoids in dark chocolate will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, acting not unlike sunscreen.

Natural painkiller

Dark chocolate can relieve pains and calm the body. As it has a warming effect, it should be used especially in winter.