George Bernard Shaw was a known vegetarian who once said: “Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.” Albert Einstein also noted that vegetarian manner of living would benefit all mankind.

It doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian for the beliefs or just want to lose weight. Vegetarianism is spreading quickly around the world.

Here are the main reasons for becoming a vegetarian:


Modern diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, arthritis, gout, etc. are often caused by meat. Meat is frequently full of various toxins because animals are at the top of the food chain and dependent on various chemicals and pesticides. There’s also the problem of increased pollution of the environment, as well as the hormones that animals secrete. According to the Nutrition Institute of America, the animal flesh is full of toxins and various waste products.

You can live without meat

If you think that you couldn’t survive without meat, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can get all the essential nutrients the body needs through a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Besides popular belief, a vegetarian diet is not boring. Try eating a delicious Indian dinner, or something from the vegetarian Chinese cuisine – you will be amazed by the taste. While it is possible to get fat on a vegetarian diet, it’s highly unlikely. A vegetarian diet lasts for life, and will certainly suit you better.

Moral and social reasons

We all love pets and animals in general. We consider them a part of our family – animals are creatures that want to live. If we can survive on a plant diet, why kill them?

The Earth is small and has limited resources, and a diet in meat takes a toll on the environment. It makes more sense to eat a plant based diet rather than growing grains and feeding them to animals. Millions of people die of hunger annually, while a lot of other people die of food-related diseases and overeating. It’s the 21st century, and we should know better by now. The spreading of vegetarianism can regulate the fatal imbalance.

Try out a vegetarian diet and see for yourself. You will lose weight, feel better and connect with the other living beings on Earth.