As we get older, our joints and muscles become weaker and less supportive. They are stiffer, hurt more, and make working out a nightmare. The metabolism weakens too. People burn 1-2% of body fat less with every passing decade of their lives, and it doesn’t help that we are less careful with our food as we get older. Thankfully, we have seven simple tricks that will help you lose weight fast no matter what age you are.

  1. Pick up the weights

When someone says that he\she can’t lose weight, it’s because of the muscle mass. The muscles are more active than fat, so they require more energy and elevating the resting metabolism. However, the metabolism slows down when you lose muscle.

  1. Keep an eye for the hormones

As the body ages, the hormones can easily be thrown out of balance. If you don’t check the adrenal glands, thyroid and other hormone levels regularly, the body can transform into a fat storage quickly.

  1. Go easy on the joints

Joint pains can be debilitating even for young people. Do some yoga or cycling to keep active and go easy on the joints.

  1. Don’t go too easy, though

Not pushing more will not get you results – don’t strain yourself to unbearable levels of pain, but don’t go too easy on exercising too.

  1. Visit a physical therapist

If you are worried about your aches and pains, visiting a physical therapist and consulting with him\her is a good idea. They will give you the best advice on the physical activities your body needs.

  1. Change the diet

This is the crucial part to losing weight. Make sure you get enough nutrients, but fewer calories than before.

  1. Do not let stress take over

Life gets more stressful as we age, but you mustn’t let the stress take over control of your life. It is a very common issue around the world that can be easily relieved by going to the gym or doing the things you enjoy.

Follow these 7 rules and you will enjoy life every day!