As you can see on the photos, the woman’s eyes are completely swollen shut and her face is unnaturally puffy, of extreme allergic reaction she got from hair dye.

Chemese Armstrong is 34 years old from Abilene, Texas. As she says she went to have her hair colored at a salon in Austin because they used henna, a temporary plant-based dye. She realised that she had an allergy to paraphenylenediamine three years ago. Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical used in permanent hair dye as she explains.

According to her story- her dermatologist suggested that she should use henna as a natural alternative.

When she went to get her hair done- she explained to the stylist that she could not use chemicals in her hair. Her stylist did a strand test first by applying the henna to a small section of her hair for 30 minutes. Because there was no reaction, the stylist continued and treated the rest of her hair. After everything was done she was told to leave the dye for two hours before washing it out.

When she got back home- she thoroughly washed her hair and went to the gym. She felt strange and found herself scratching her scalp due to irritation. The next day it got much worse, she was in severe pain and her face and scalp were swollen and getting worse. When she woke up the day after that, her right eye was swollen shut and she immediately went to the doctor’s office. She was given a shot to manage the swelling but the swelling worsened, spreading to her neck, and she had no choice but to go to the emergency room. It took her more than a week to fully recover and get back to normal.

Conclusion: before using the color first make a test if no counter effect then can you painted your hair.