The pain emanating from the wasp and bee stings can be excruciating and can be felt for several days.

The insect bites and sting can be painful and will usually last for several days. Take extra precautions while staying outdoors. Leave the bees and wasps alone and do not make unnecessary movement when you see them, you might attract attention and draw them to hurt you with their stings.

The mosquitoes on the other hand may carry diseases like dengue and in remote and mountainous mosquitoes might inflict you with a dreadful malaria disease. As such it is important to get rid of mosquitoes in your areas and rub insect repellant when you are in an eco-tourism trip.

A beekeeper spread the following advice, and those who tested it, confirmed the successful results.

With the arrival of summer, also came the season of stings from different insects including wasps and hornets, which spread a great danger.

According to the advice that this beekeeper provides, you can help yourself easily if you have an aspirin tablet.

   What to do?

– Simply moisten the tablet and place it on the area of the sting.

–  Hold it for a minute then remove it. This way you will prevent the swelling.

The sting will quickly become history, and the mark that remains is unnoticeable, says this beekeeper.

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