If you have a tormenting pain in your neck, shoulders, knees, back, or you have a pain in your heel that makes it almost impossible to rely on it, you can try to put foil on the painful area. You’ll be surprised and happy after some time when your pain will just disappear.

Did you know that regular aluminum foil is great not only for cooking in the oven and wrapping food leftovers, but also for treating certain diseases.

The explanation is this: Bio pathways that are passing through our bodies into the biologically active point, reflect from the aluminum foil and return back to the meridian, from where they got out. This has a great effect on the organ, with which this meridian is connected to.

In this way, pain is easily removed, pain that you are quite bored of. This interesting method of treatment has been long practiced by Chinese and Russian healers, and it is described and written in the works of psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, who was a Freud’s student.

Chinese healers recommend providing the treatment during 10-12 days. Attach the foil to the sore spot every day and hold it all day or night. Make a break after 1-2 weeks, and if you need to, repeat the treatment. The foil has a powerful anti inflammatory effect.

With its help, you can successfully treat the common cold. For treating cold, it is necessary to wrap the foot in 5-7 layers and put paper or cotton cloth between each layer. Keep it compressed for about an hour. After that, take it off and put it back after 2 hours, and let it stay for 1 more hour. Again, take a break and put it a third time. Time of the treatment is one week.

 – Treatments with aluminum foil:

Take a piece of ordinary aluminum foil, put it on the sore spot and attach it. Treating with foil is applied to all types of pain, such as:

– pain in the back, arms

– pain in the joints

– rheumatoid arthritis

– salt deposits

–  pain in the legs

– sciatica

– heel spur

–  pain in the neck (cervical osteochondrosis)

Even postoperative scars are treated similarly. Also, great results are achieved in the treatment of gout. Wrap the big finger with foil and attach a bandage.