This tasty vegetable contains a substance which works as aspirin. Acid green tomatoes contain is considered an anticoagulant which dilutes the blood.
Despite the theories, according to which if you consume tomatoes on a regular basis you can decrease the risk of cancer and several other medical problems.
There are thousands of recipes for healing varicose veins, if you struggle with this problem than one of the easiest options is to use the healing properties of green tomatoes. It is very easy to heal varicose veins with the help of green tomatoes.

                 – We offer you this amazing recipe from the Russian folk medicine:

–  Take several green tomatoes, clean and cut them in thick pieces

– The best is to take organic tomatoes or tomatoes from your garden

– Then apply them to the area where you have varicose veins and put glean cloth around them

– Make sure that you tie well the cloth in order the tomatoes  not to fall

– Leave them on the affected area until you feel tingling

– If you feel that your skin is burning, remove the tomatoes and wash the place with cold water

– This means that this treatment probably is not suitable for you

– If everything is alright then you should repeat this treatment 5 times during the day and you will see the result after several days.

– After 14 days the pain will disappear and the knots will diminish.