This article presents five simple tips that will help you flatten your belly.

   – Decrease the salt intake:

The salt is an essential compound for healthy living. However, if you’re consuming it excessively, it will cause water retention in the body that will result in salt and water imbalance, meaning that your belly will be bloated. Frozen dinners, snacks and fast food are a sure way to increase the sodium levels in the body.

   – Drink more water:

Consuming plenty of water will make your belly flat. Drink a minimum of half your body weight of water daily to stay properly hydrated (for example: 60 ounces daily if you weigh 120 lbs.)

  – Stop chewing gums:

Chewing gums make you breathe in excess amounts of air which will fill up in the belly and make you bloated. It’s even worse if the chewing gum is sugar-free.

– Stop fizz:

Carbonated drinks are a sure way to get bloated. These bubbly drinks reside in the intestinal tract and become trapped, building up gas. If you are suffering from bloating frequently, you need to cut the carbonated drinks from your diet immediately.

     – Avoid artificial sugar:

Artificially sweetened products cause excess gas and bloating and are very dangerous to our health. Chewing gums, diet sodas, protein bars, candies and alcohol are all full of artificial sweeteners. Only Xylitol is an exception from these products – this alcohol can have minimal effects on the blood sugar levels and none on the insulin levels.