Turmeric Milk

Of all the types of cleansing the most important one is the cleansing of the liver. Because among other duties the liver has the role of purifying the blood of toxins and poisons.

If you are constantly tired, slow, not concentrated and have a bad mood, your body probably needs cleaning.

For prepare this turmeric cleansing paste you will need:


– 40 grams of turmeric powder

– 100-150 ml of milk


– Pour the turmeric powder into the milk, stir it nicely and bring it to a boiling point

– Cook this mixture for about 8 minutes, until the content thickens

– Stir continuously

–  If the mixture is too thick, add some little milk


– Consume this mixture every 2 hours, throughout the day, in the morning and in the evening

– Repeat the procedure for several days.