Although smokers are aware of the nasty and dangerous habit, they still can’t quit. In that case, the least you can do is to clean your lungs from the nicotine and tar buildup in them and in that way decrease the risk of infections and diseases.

  – These are the fruits which will clean your lungs naturally:

             1.  Onion

Onions are great for lung diseases besides treating many other. They also prevent the growth of new carcinogenic cells in people with cancer.

  2. Nettle

Nettle is full of iron and is a great disinfectant. It plays a crucial role when fighting infections.

   3. Oranges

Oranges contain kryptoxanthin, which is effective in prevention of lung cancer.

 4. Pine needle tea

Teas often help with any respiratory issue, and it’s the same with pine needle tea too. This tea is used for rinsing the mouth and throat, making it a powerful weapon against lung cancer.

  5. Brazil nuts

The Brazil nuts are full of selenium, an excellent antioxidant very powerful against lung cancer. These nuts are the richest source of selenium.

    6. Corn

Corn contains beta-kryptoxanthin, a powerful antioxidant useful against lung cancer. However, be sure to use only organic corn.

    7. Ginger

One of the healthiest spices on Earth. Ginger defends against many malignant diseases and can expel the toxins from your lungs. Consume ginger root tea to improve breathing, or add ginger as a spice in your dishes. It will give them a nice flavor and keep you healthy.