Deformation of foot is an inherited problem, if your relatives suffer from this disease, your risk of hallux valgus increases. “Valgus Pro” is recommended as a preventive measure at the first signs of the disease.

Bunions are familiar to many of us. This problem is not only of aesthetic nature. Not only does the deformation make your feet look ugly, but causes an unpleasant sensation of pain when walking, making the choice of shoes a real challenge.

Modern medicine has long been trying to solve this problem without surgery. How to get rid of this problem in a few months? The answer is finally here!

Up until now, the most effective treatment for “bunions” was surgery. For those who want to avoid radical measures, experts have developed a special toe retainer called ‘valgus Pro “. Its main purpose is to reduce the traumatic impact on the area around the toe and thereby stop the pain and inflammation.

The invention is made of a special silicone, which permits close contact with the foot, adapting to the anatomical shape and strongly fixing the joint. This facilitates the equal distribution of load while walking. The disease stops progressing, and after a few months, the joint gets back into its proper position, allowing you to get rid of the pain in the fingers and feet.

Studies involving 1,500 participants showed that daily use of “valgus Pro” helps complete removal of the bunion for a few months. Clinically proven! Hallux valgus completely disappears after 1 month in 97% of cases.

In order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, the retainer must be used at least 6-10 hours per day. Positive results are achieved with long-term use. “Valgus Pro” does not cause discomfort or inconvenience and can be worn slightly with any type of shoes. Retainer is also recommended for flat feet or frequent use of uncomfortable and tight shoes (especially for women who love high heels).

In 2014, “valgus Pro” was named “discovery in the treatment of hallux valgus.” With its discovery, the need for surgery decreased by 7 times.