When this system  working correctly it can help you avoid so much sickness, low energy, fogginess and potentially disease in the future. The functions of the lymphatic system are vital.

You have more lymphatic fluid in your body than blood!! We have the circulatory system for the blood to build the tissues and the lymphatic system is for all the waste!! So guess what system most people know nothing about? That’s right, the lymphatic system. And I promise you if you give this system a good “spring cleaning” you will be feeling great!! Mentally clear, physically strong with more energy and vitality. You ready?

– What Is Lymph?

Since most people don’t know so much about the lymphatic system let me start simple. Basically, it’s your “garbage” acid removal system, so anything your body does not recognize as food, or anything foreign such as toxic chemicals, acids and more, will go through this system to be removed. It’s when this system get’s overloaded that we run into major problems.

The best way to start looking after your lymphatic system is to not overload it in the first place. Cut out all artificial colors, sweeteners, oils, processed foods. Instead, focus on plant-based whole foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in enzymes and fiber. These foods help clean your body, especially those high in fiber as it sweeps through the intestines and helps carry waste out.

I also want you to consider which personal care products you are using. My motto is if you can’t eat it you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. Chemicals from shampoos, deodorants, perfumes and many other items get into the bloodstream from the skin. Many of these are known carcinogens (cancer causing). Just think about how a nicotine patch works. Just by placing it on your skin it’s entering into your bloodstream.

  – Drink More Water To Maximise Lymphatic Flow:

There are so many benefits to drinking more water, especially for your lymphatic system. If a pipe has more water than sludge then it will flow… Make sense? So you want to drink enough water to maximize the lymphatic flow. I recommend 1 liter of water per 22 kgs of body weight per day. If you live in a hot climate or exercise, then you need to drink more. Adding a pinch of salt can help in many ways as well (Himalayan or Celtic sea salt are best).

I recommend to always start your day with close to 1 liter of water first thing and adding a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange as that can improve lymphatic flow.

– Exercise Is Your Lymphatic Systems Best Friend:

Exercise is what helps move the lymph around your body. Nothing gets the lymph moving more than walking, jumping, running, biking, martial arts, sports etc. LIFE IS MOVEMENT!! Plus the more you sweat the better!! The toxins coming out through the sweat means less for you to carry around in the lymphatic system. I recommend as a minimum you walk 30-45 minutes a day. You will notice a massive difference to your health and strength within just 2-3 weeks of doing this if you haven’t been doing the minimums.

– Deep Breathing Is Like a Heartbeat For Your Lymph:

How deeply do you breathe? When you take in a really deep breath this expands your diaphragm and pushes the lymphatic fluid through the body. Deep breathing is another super important way to pump the lymph and get it circulating. In fact, it’s kind of like the ‘heart’ of the lymphatic system. Download my 7 rounds of 7 audio (free as part of my free Online Juice Fast) and do this three times a day. Not only will your lymphatic system be loving you, but you’ll expel loads of acid and oxygenate your body.

– Clean Out All The Toxic Waste In Your Colon:

How clean your lymph depends on how clean your colon is. Most of the accumulation of waste in the lymph is excess toxins from a backed up colon! Gross! Did you know after every meal you should do a ‘number 2’ within 45 minutes to an hour…. and if you don’t this is a clear indication of constipation!!

If you’re backed up you are not alone. But the good news is that I have developed a 4 day intensive Colon Cleanse that will do the trick. It’s a formula based on an ancient recipe that does not use harsh herbs that force peristalsis (so you won’t be dependent afterward). And it basically acts like a scrubbing brush for your insides and pulls out all the toxins at the same time.

You will need to do this 4 day cleanse 3 times to get the results and have it truly work. If you do 4 days each month for 3 months you will know what it’s like for the first time to have a clean digestive system.

You will know exactly what I mean after doing this colon cleansing. It’s actually the greatest thing ever to feel a good poo coming on 30 minutes after every meal. This is because the natural signal of eating makes way for the new material to come through.